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Chapter 2 Functional Description

2.5 SCSI Bus Connection Options

The BI0316 can be connected to a SCSI bus initiator through the front or via the backplane connector. When the host is connected to the front connector, the backplane connector can be used to terminate or daisy-chain the SCSI bus signals. When the host is connected to the backplane connector, the front connector can be used for termination or daisy-chaining of the SCSI bus signals.

At the front, a 68-pin high density connector (P3) with 2-56 jack screws for cable retention is used. This connector complies to the SCSI-3 standard and connects directly to a Single-Ended or Differential bus SCSI-3 P-cable.

The P3 connector contact assignments for Single-Ended use can be found in Table D-4, "P3, P5-P6 SCSI-3 Connectors (Single-Ended)". When the BI0316 is used in a Differential bus the contact assignments are given in Table D-5, "P3, P5-P6 SCSI-3 Connectors (Differential)".

2.5.1 - SCSI-3 Option
2.5.2 - SCSI-3 Mixed With SCSI-2 Option

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