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2.5 SCSI Bus Connection Options

2.5.2 SCSI-3 Mixed With SCSI-2 Option

This option uses the BI0318 to connect to the SCSI bus signals on the VMEbus P2.

Figure 2-3 SCSI-3 to SCSI-2 Daisy-Chain Option

This setup connects the BI0316 to a 16-bit (WIDE) bus at the front and a 8-bit bus at the rear of the module. Note that the upper byte signals must be terminated on the 16-bit to 8-bit adapter. This is achieved by the on-board terminators of the BI0318 module. These terminators are capable of terminating Single-Ended as well as Differential SCSI buses.

Termination Products for 50-pin Low Density Connector
0-0869576-1Ampmodu Unshielded Receptacle SCSI-2 Terminator, Low Density, Single-Ended, 50 positionsAMP
0-0869041-1Ampmodu Unshielded Receptacle SCSI-2 Terminator, Low Density, Differential, 50 positionsAMP

See also "Mixing Buses Having Different Widths".

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