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1.2 Features

1.2.1 SCSI Connectivity

The BI0316 provides connectivity through SCSI-1, SCSI-2 and SCSI-3 interfaces:

  • 8-bit and 16-bit devices can be mixed on one module
  • Single-Ended and Differential mode supported
  • asynchronous and synchronous mode supported
  • FAST and WIDE mode supported giving up to 20 Mbyte/sec transfer rate
The drives on the BI0316 are accessible via the 68 pin high density connector on the front or via the SCSI bus signals which are available at the User Defined VMEbus P2 connector pins. A host VMEbus module normally connects to the BI0316 using a P-Cable at the front or by using a 68 (SCSI-3) or 50 (SCSI-2) wire flatcable at the rear of the module.

The BI0316 is not memory mapped in the VMEbus address space, this in contrary to other products which use the VMEbus for data transfers. The BI0316 module does not occupy any address in the VMEbus address space and does not rely on any signal (except power) to be available from the VMEbus. This means that transferring data from or to the BI0316 does not use any bandwidth of the VMEbus backplane.

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