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Chapter 3 Installation Procedures

3.6 Installation Steps

1. Choose the SCSI IDs and termination options for the drives on the BI0316. Adjust switch settings and/or termination options when necessary.

2. Choose a position for the BI0316 in the VMEbus rack. Placing the BI0316 in the last (righter most) position has several advantages:
a) It eases the bus request and interrupt daisy-chaining in the case that the backplane does not provide Automatic-Daisy-Chaining (ADC). In the event that there are boards placed in positions right from the position the BI0316 occupies, it is necessary to jumper the daisy-chain signals behind the BI0316 to allow them to propagate down the chain. The BI0316 provides daisy-chaining for the first slot it occupies (see "VMEbus Signals").
b) The Ground layer in the Printed Circuit Board of the BI0316 will protect the drives from electrical interference from the boards to the left of the BI0316 in the system.

3. Place the BI0318 or BI0319 in opposite of the BI0316 on the VMEbus J2 backplane or directly on the VMEbus P2 connector of the BI0316 if no VMEbus J2 backplane is installed.

4. Connect a SCSI-2 or SCSI-3 cable to the appropriate connector on the transition module or front connector.

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