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3.3 SCSI Bus Termination

3.3.1 Internal Termination

When the BI0316 is at the physical end of the SCSI cable, the internal termination option of the mounted drives can be used. When this option is put to use be sure to enable the terminators on drive 1 in position 1 when a front connection is used. When the VMEbus P2 connector is used, then enable termination on drive 2 in position 2. When the BI0316 contains drives with different widths, enable the termination option for the drive with the wider bus to ensure all signals are terminated.

Figure 3-2 Internal Termination

Jumper block P14 is used to enable the termination options of the drives. The termination option of drive 1 in position 1 is enabled when pins 1 and 2 of P14 are jumpered. When pins 9 and 10 of P14 are jumpered then the termination option of drive 2 in position 2 is enabled.

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