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2.4 SCSI-2 and SCSI-3 Cabling Differences

2.4.1 SCSI-2 Cabling

SCSI-2 devices are daisy-chained using a common 50-conductor A-cable and, optionally, a 68-conductor B-cable. Both ends of each cable are terminated. The primary SCSI-2 bus carries an 8-bit data bus and control signals. A primary SCSI-2 bus A-cable provides therefore an 8-bit data path. In systems that employ the wide SCSI option, wide SCSI devices additionally connect to the B-cable. This secondary SCSI-2 bus carries an additional 24-bit data bus that, used in conjunction with a primary SCSI-2 bus, provides a 32-bit data path.

The BI0316 supports the A-cable option of the SCSI-2 standard.

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