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Chapter 1 General Information

1.3 General Description

The 3.5" form factor devices supplied with a SCSI interface make it possible to design VMEbus modules which contain two of these devices in any combination.

The BI0316 offers up to two drives, both with a full implementation of the SCSI bus on a single VMEbus compatible module. Both drives have their own address on the SCSI bus and therefore operate independently of each other. Drives with different widths and/or cabling options (SCSI-2 or SCSI-3) can be mixed on the BI0316. Both the Single-Ended and Differential option is supported.

The BI0316 consists of a double Eurocard form factor base board with SCSI-2 and SCSI-3 type of connectors. The base board contains no electronics except the light emitting diodes (LEDs) and ACFAIL* buffers. On this board, 3.5" form factor devices are mounted which connect to the base board using standard SCSI-2 or SCSI-3 cables. The LEDs are connected to the activity and fault signals of the mounted devices. Rotary switches and jumper blocks are available for SCSI ID selection and enabling of the termination of the SCSI bus signals.

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