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BI-0433 - 12 Channel Incremental Encoder Interface with Isolated Inputs and Cable Fault Detection

Appendix C Memory Map

Memory Map Group A
Group A, Channel 1
Counter00034 bytes
Enable Index Register05051 byte
Index Status Register07071 byte
Direct Input Register09091 byte
Compare State Register0B0B1 byte
State on Interrupt Register0D0D1 byte
Interrupt Mask Register0F0F1 byte
Group A, Channel 2
Counter10134 bytes
Enable Index Register15151 byte
Index Status Register17171 byte
Direct Input Register19191 byte
Compare State Register1B1B1 byte
State on Interrupt Register1D1D1 byte
Interrupt Mask Register1F1F1 byte
Group A, Channel 3
Counter20234 bytes
Enable Index Register25251 byte
Index Status Register27271 byte
Direct Input Register29291 byte
Compare State Register2B2B1 byte
State on Interrupt Register2D2D1 byte
Interrupt Mask Register2F2F1 byte
Group A
Fault Detect Delay Register31311 byte
Mode Register33331 byte
Reset Register37371 byte
BIM Control Register3B3B1 byte
BIM Vector Register3F3F1 byte

Memory Map Group B
Group B, Channel 4
Counter40434 bytes
Enable Index Register45451 byte
Index Status Register47471 byte
Direct Input Register49491 byte
Compare State Register4B4B1 byte
State on Interrupt Register4D4D1 byte
Interrupt Mask Register4F4F1 byte
Group B, Channel 5
Counter50534 bytes
Enable Index Register55551 byte
Index Status Register57571 byte
Direct Input Register59591 byte
Compare State Register5B5B1 byte
State on Interrupt Register5D5D1 byte
Interrupt Mask Register5F5F1 byte
Group B, Channel 6
Counter60634 bytes
Enable Index Register65651 byte
Index Status Register67671 byte
Direct Input Register69691 byte
Compare State Register6B6B1 byte
State on Interrupt Register6D6D1 byte
Interrupt Mask Register6F6F1 byte
Group B
Fault Detect Delay Register71711 byte
Mode Register73731 byte
Reset Register77771 byte
BIM Control Register7B7B1 byte
BIM Vector Register7F7F1 byte

Memory Map Group C
Group C, Channel 7
Counter80834 bytes
Enable Index Register85851 byte
Index Status Register87871 byte
Direct Input Register89891 byte
Compare State Register8B8B1 byte
State on Interrupt Register8D8D1 byte
Interrupt Mask Register8F8F1 byte
Group C, Channel 8
Counter90934 bytes
Enable Index Register95951 byte
Index Status Register97971 byte
Direct Input Register99991 byte
Compare State Register9B9B1 byte
State on Interrupt Register9D9D1 byte
Interrupt Mask Register9F9F1 byte
Group C, Channel 9
CounterA0A34 bytes
Enable Index RegisterA5A51 byte
Index Status RegisterA7A71 byte
Direct Input RegisterA9A91 byte
Compare State RegisterABAB1 byte
State on Interrupt RegisterADAD1 byte
Interrupt Mask RegisterAFAF1 byte
Group C
Fault Detect Delay RegisterB1B11 byte
Mode RegisterB3B31 byte
Reset RegisterB7B71 byte
BIM Control RegisterBBBB1 byte
BIM Vector RegisterBFBF1 byte

Memory Map Group D
Group D, Channel 10
CounterC0C34 bytes
Enable Index RegisterC5C51 byte
Index Status RegisterC7C71 byte
Direct Input RegisterC9C91 byte
Compare State RegisterCBCB1 byte
State on Interrupt RegisterCDCD1 byte
Interrupt Mask RegisterCFCF1 byte
Group D, Channel 11
CounterD0D34 bytes
Enable Index RegisterD5D51 byte
Index Status RegisterD7D71 byte
Direct Input RegisterD9D91 byte
Compare State RegisterDBDB1 byte
State on Interrupt RegisterDDDD1 byte
Interrupt Mask RegisterDFDF1 byte
Group D, Channel 12
CounterE0E34 bytes
Enable Index RegisterE5E51 byte
Index Status RegisterE7E71 byte
Direct Input RegisterE9E91 byte
Compare State RegisterEBEB1 byte
State on Interrupt RegisterEDED1 byte
Interrupt Mask RegisterEFEF1 byte
Group D
Fault Detect Delay RegisterF1F11 byte
Mode RegisterF3F31 byte
Reset RegisterF7F71 byte
BIM Control RegisterFBFB1 byte
BIM Vector RegisterFFFF1 byte

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