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Chapter 1 General Information

1.2 Features

The features of the BI-0433 module include:

  • VMEbus slave interface (A16;D16)
  • Flexible base address selection
  • Interrupter I(1-7)DYN
  • Selectable address modifier decoding
  • Occupies 256 memory locations
Channel Grouping
  • Four independent groups of 3 channels
  • Each group of channels shares:
    • a D25 front panel connector
    • an interrupt level
    • an interrupt vector
    • a fault detect delay register
    • a counter mode register
    • a device reset register
    • two CF32006 devices in a master/slave configuration
Channel Configuration
  • Two quadrature inputs
  • One index input
  • One digital input
  • Cable fault detection on all inputs
  • One 32 bit up/down counter
  • Direct digital input register
  • Change of state detection circuit
  • Interrupt mask register
  • Enable index register
  • Index status register
Input Signal Configuration
  • Each input is galvanically isolated from the system
  • Each input is galvanically isolated from any other input
  • Differential or single ended configuration possible

BI-0433 - 12 Channel Incremental Encoder Interface with Isolated Inputs and Cable Fault Detection - 23 MAY 1997 Copyright 1997 Brand Innovators B.V. [Next] [Previous] [Up] [Top] [Contents] [Back]